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We received excellent training in making and implanting ECoG screws and depth electrodes, and finished with recording from the implanted rats running their task in the Bussey Saksida touch screen chamber! E-Phys Solutions provided a lot of useful theoretical background regarding electrophysiological recording and analysis and gave plenty of guidance in practical matters like choosing materials and aseptic surgery. Martin proved to be a well qualified and prepared teacher. With his articulate, logical way of speaking and clear, concise explanations, he is one of those teachers that challenges students academically and entertains them at the same time. Everything was tailored to our needs, equipment and abilities. I only wished we booked one or two days extra because it was pretty intense.


Individual clients will be given password protected access to all course materials and references selected for their training.


There will be no access to other client's information.


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Bespoke training for in vivo electrophysiology