Bussey-Saksida IR touch screen operant conditioning chamber

The infra red touch screen chamber developed by Campden instruments Ltd with the Cambridge behavioural scientists Dr. Tim Bussey and Dr. Lisa Saksida has proven to be an extremely versatile and reliable system for training and testing rodents on a wide variety of cognitive tasks. For details see Horner et al (2013) in Nature protocols.













(1) Touchscreen, (2) black plastic mask covering the touchscreen except for response windows, (3) black Perspex walls, (4) pellet dispenser (optional), (5) IR beam assembly, (6) house light positioned above the chamber, (7) IR camera positioned above the chamber, (8) tone and click generator and (9) sound/light-attenuating box with a ventilation fan fitted.

Bussey-Saksida chamber e-phys solutions training

In collaboration with Campden Instruments Ltd I have developped and beta-tested tethered electrophysiology solutions in the Bussey-Saksida infrared touchscreen operant conditioning chamber. I have experience in recording from ECoG and bipolar depth electrodes in the Bussey-Saksida chamber, using both analogue and digital recording systems, tethered or wireless.


In further collaboration with Campden Instruments Ltd and Lafayette Instrument Company, who develop, manufacture and sell the Bussey-Saksida Chamber System, E-phys Solutions offers training and advice in implementing electrophysiological recording using the Bussey-Saksida Chamber System.


Contracts regarding training provided for implementing electrophysiological recording in the Bussey-saksida chamber system, must be arranged through Campden Instruments Ltd.



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Bespoke training for in vivo electrophysiology